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Stunning Porcelain Tile in Adelaide

The natural warmth and elegance of wood has now been reproduced in a tile format. You can now get the rich look of wooden flooring without the maintenance. The development of digital technology in the tile industry has also meant they can now replicate timbers like elm, oak, walnut, lime washed and more. Which makes the tiles look like they have a natural wood grain finish with texture.

Timber tiles are an ideal solution for functional environments like wet areas, outdoor entertaining areas and main floor surfaces.

Timber tiles are also ideal to create a seamless internal and external floor with the added strength and durability of being scratch resistant,waterproof and stain resistant, unlike natural timber that can warp, scratch and needs to be resealed over years.

Timber tiles come in an array of size formats see our range in store and speak to one of our design consultants.



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